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We work with schools and universities to produce digital course curricula that address learning outcomes and enhance testing and certification rates via remote and online learning. We develop content for Pre-K through graduate levels and across subject matter, using live action, motion graphics and animation, and storytelling to bring topics to life in order to captivate and engage students of all kinds. Our deep collaboration with content specialists and educators results in authentic and effective online curricula. View our Case Studies to learn more.

Schools & Universities

We work with companies to produce professional development and training content to help employees grow and business thrive. We work with Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes to develop a wide variety of content—including change management training, technical tutorials, professional coaching programs, onboarding training, culture-building content, and more—allowing critical information to be integrated quickly and effectively throughout large organizations. Our scalable process is customized for each client and each project to ensure that our content directly meets the goals of the business.


We work with professors, teachers, industry experts, artists, inventors, and people like you to develop dynamic course content for online learning platforms. If you have knowledge to share and an idea for an online course, we can help you bring it to life at an elevated production value that will set your content apart from competitors. Our clients partner with us to share what they know with a larger audience, scale what they are already doing, and build passive income streams. We offer customized services beyond video production that include online course adaptation, course development on virtual platforms, and digital marketing.


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case studies

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with the third largest school system in North Carolina to create online learning content at a rapid pace for the Fall 2020 semester. With only a 7-day start-up time, we scripted, filmed, edited and uploaded approximately 300 lesson videos for language arts in grades K-5 in just 10 weeks, delivering up to 45 lesson videos per week.

k-12 public school system covid-19 response

The IDEATE Method is an empirically proven method to generate high-potential ideas for new entrepreneurial ventures. We partnered with the method’s creators, Dan Cohen and Greg Pool of Wake Forest University and Heidi Neck of Babson College, to adapt their hardcopy book, The IDEATE Method: Identifying High-Potential Entrepreneurial Ideas, and in-person university teaching to a fully virtual course via Teachable that is available to everyone. Launching Spring 2021.

the ideate method

We worked with a public school system to create a library of over 70 videos for technical training in carpentry and automotive skills. We began by identifying the key learning outcomes that students would be tested on, and translated the relevant textbook content into easy-to-follow and dynamic video tutorials. We then established a visual style that both supports the learning outcomes and keeps students engaged while viewing. We completed filming within two weeks and delivered the final edits in under four weeks.

Technical Tutorials

what our clients say

"It's not just video production. It's the full package of what they offer that I've been really impressed with and really value. After our first engagement, we just kept giving them more and more and more, because we continue to be impressed with the work that they're doing."

- Stephanie Nelson, Reynolds American, Inc.

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Sarah Lupton, Founder

Told by Shift is a company of artists, idea-challengers, makers, and dreamers. We bring humans together to achieve new heights through high-impact storytelling. Powered by collaboration and true artistic prowess, we’re a harmonious team of humans that respect each other for our different perspectives, expertise, and voices. Founded by a female with an all-female leadership team, we unthink the traditional as much as possible. Inspired and relentless, there’s no shortage of get-it-done attitude with this group. We believe that, when we truly dig deep and show up for ourselves, we can show up for the world and spark real change. We are possibility-pushers, rule-breakers, and boundary-crossers leveraging our longing to create as a force of transformation at every level.

We are a sister brand of Told by Shift, a strategic storytelling company with a core competency in video production. 

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